Departing from a body relaxation, as if bathed by the waters of a darkness that encloses thousands of shadows flying over me in a nocturnal night where feelings materialize in order to experience freedom; I cry out.
Ease to feel what each note means, which is undressed and integrated in atmospheres of elevation, the drums will be shown in columns, those that symbolize the feet of a marcher in the woods and grasslands. It delivers the action to the body that is responsible for releasing everything and let it go in a cool but lonely summer night, where it all began between acoustic resonance that represents the basic and sublime that becomes detachment.

A perfect depth to feel what comes from inside, as the bass wallows placidly in the myenteric plexus, as if the name itself knew that without it the energy could not be expelled.

I like OLIM, for its artistic purity, for its abstract nature, internalized to infinity by the electric pathways of our personal space; like its creator Joe Caswell who makes everything from his own introspection and emotion. OLIM is a young project that became present in the summer of 2021, with the release of A Mighty Composition, now presents Ursine that will be released this coming August 26th, 2022.
OLIM, was part of the Split that I can recommend to all lovers of the different textures offered by the Blackgaze and its contact with the seasons, inside and outside, along with the bands Dismalimerence, Nurez, The Wolf Garden.

Here is all you need to know, and some other projects of the multi-instrumentalist, Joe Caswell.
Album: Ursine
Release Date: August 26.2022
Single: Light Crept in Where Once was None
Track listing:

  1. Light Crept in Where Once was None
  2. Winding Paths in Parallel
  3. Ursid Magnus
  4. Bonds Entwined as Roots Below
  5. Timelessness Conveyed by an Uplifting Eidolon
  6. 55 Cancri e

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