At the right moment where the human being burns in the bonfire of immortality of the indifference of those who are all the same, congenital copies of a fanaticism rooted in lies and that leads to the edge of a new inquisition, the absolute retreat of a body of water in the sea.

Fulminant Stoner Doom atmosphere comes to darken the skies of the Dominican Republic. Heavy crushing sounds are the ones that introduce the atmosphere of desolation that I was looking for a while ago and I finally found it.


It didn’t take me a minute to accept that these 10 songs that make up this album BURN!, by the Dominican band HEREJE, have meant remembering that every time you go out on the street being what you shouldn’t be or what the sea of people doesn’t want you to be, you are in sight of the constant path of persecution, where only some kind of retributive justice is expected for the designs and faults pointed out from the path of a cursed religiosity, which screams back all traces of individuality.

The slow sounds, grooves that match those acid notes, of which Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, Bell Witch and Coven, would be proud to connect with the hypnotizing of those blues laced riffs that Heretic brings us in their first album, little announced, but incredibly promising.


Confess yourself an enemy of the weight of the inquisitors and make it resonate in you, the denial of a consecrated ignorance, to the rhythm of influences such as Bongripper, Ahab, Windhand and Plateau Sigma. 

Seductive voice that accompanies the exciting sounds of a guitar that if it spoke would only emit the voice of sex, heresy, the path of the wrong in a vast space populated by an eternal condemnation from an island where only ignorance and water dwell, the water that blesses the unconsciousness among a tide of beings nailed to the cross of a dogma. 

Line up

Odanozarocsed     Drum programming, Bass

Morbid          Guitars, Drum programming

Perla C.         Vocals

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